Coaching Stock 
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4-CEPs 2311 and 2315 
These electric multiple units are used only as hauled coaching stock and so are included in this section. 
These two units were both built in 1961 at Eastleigh as 4-BEPs, each including a buffet car, and were numbered 7019 and 7016 respectively. They were allocated to Ramsgate depot and used on the Kent Coast express services. On the introduction of TOPS they were classified as Class 410. On refurbishment in the late 1970s/early 1980s the classification was changed to Class 412/0 and the unit numbers were changed to 2301 and 2305. The units were then allocated to Fratton depot for use on Portsmouth to London services. In 2002 the buffet cars were replaced by TSOLs and the units renumbered as 2311 and 2315 in the Class 412/1 4-CEP series. Both were withdrawn in March 2005 and soon afterwards made the journey to Warcop. 2315 has seen regular service in previous years as hauled stock with the MLVs and 2311 is not in regular use. Both are still in South West Trains livery. It is hoped to use the units again when new batteries are obtained for the MLVs. 
Current formations are: 
DMSO 61804 (built 1961) 
TSOL 70539 (built 1960) 
TBCK 70607 (built 1961) 
DMSO 61805 (built 1961) 
DMSO 61798 (built 1961) 
TSOL 70229 (built 1958) 
TBCK 70354 (built 1959) 
DMSO 61799 (built 1961) 

In July 2009 both units were used in the filming of an episode of the BBC TV programme "Paradox", being used as the commuter train which was stranded on a bridge during a power cut when a tanker carrying a flammable liquid crashed into the bridge. The explosion was impressive, and 2311 showed signs of the smoke generated for some time. Propulsion of the CEPs was by the MLVs (which stayed out of shot - well, almost).

An 8-CEP in Cumbria! A view of 2311 and 2315 at Sandford Bridge during the filming of Paradox in July 2009
A closer view of the events at Sandford Bridge with the smoke damage to 2311 apparent
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