The Eden Valley Railway from the Air
Courtesy of Simon Ledingham and his gyroplane we can show a series of photographs of the Eden Valley Railway from above. At the moment just the Warcop to Appleby section is featured: hopefully more will follow for the whole route from Kirkby Stephen to Clifton Moor. 
Seen in April 2007, with the end of the line just out of shot to the right and Warcop yard out of sight to the left. The track from Warcop Station to the buffers at Flitholme was used for the first passenger service in 2003. This last stretch was used for shunting and storage purposes as can be seen here, before being cleared recently with the intention of using it for on "driver for a fiver" days
Several views of the Warcop Station area.

From the top:
Looking north-westwards with the station building at the top of the image and the white gates denoting the location of the permissive footpath across the line.

Looking down on the main part of the Warcop site. 37250 is on the left of the image with the MLVs and a 4-CEP on the through line and the other 4-CEP below it.

Another view of the site looking the other way with 37250 on the right.

A shot of the stock in 2007 with the signal box at the top of the picture

A closer view of the signal box and lamp store at the southern end of the platform at Warcop.

Sandford Bridge 
The bridge over the road near Sandford Village, seen in the centre of this image, was our terminus from 2006 until April 2013. Following the opening of the extension to Southfields we now terminate half a mile further towards Appleby, at a point behind the stand of trees in the top centre of the image just beyond where the track curves to the left in this image.
A closer view of the Sandford Road bridge looking towards Sandford Village (not in shot) with the road to Warcop heading left
Further along the line towards Appleby, looking towards Lowfields and the old A66, with Coupland Beck Viaduct just above the middle of the image.
A closer view of Coupland Beck, the only remaining viaduct on the line. This was designed by Sir Thomas Bouch and gained Listed Building Grade II status in May 2012. More details about the listing can be read on the Historic England website.
Looking towards Appleby, with the Settle & Carlisle line on the left and the route of what is thought to be a never-completed connecting line to the S & C clearly visible at the bottom of the photo.
Two views of Appleby East Station and yard in April 2007 (top) and June 2010 (bottom). The station yard has been used as a scrapyard for some time. The tracks are still in situ and were used, following clearance of the scrap metal, on two occasions in recent years for the passage of the Thumper and the 4-CEPs, these having been delivered by rail.
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