Infrastructure Appeal
This has replaced the old Ballast and Sleeper Appeals and will include other essential components of our infrastructure as detailed below. Monies already received for the Ballast and Sleeper appeals will still go towards the purchase of those items as detailed further down this page. 
To raise the standard of our infrastructure to HMRI standards after many years of neglect before we were able to get to work on the line and to maintain it to those standards we have to replace the following old material yearly:  
250 sleepers, 160 tons of ballast, 4 pairs of 95lb fishplates, 40 3-hole chairs for the 95lb rail and 3 screws for each chair.

The cost of these materials is well into 5 figures, so if you can help us with this appeal, please download the form below and return to the address at the bottom of the form. 
Infrastructure Appeal Form (Word 2010 document) 
Infrastructure Appeal Form (PDF) 
Thank you for your continued support

Page last updated on 14th January 2018 by Caroline Mitchell