As I am always willing to mess around with photography (despite being a decidedly mediocre photographer) I had to try panoramas of the Warcop Fells which form the backdrop to Warcop Station. From left to right (north-west to south-east) they are Roman Fell, Long Fell, Middle Fell and Musgrave Fell. Fox Tower can also be seen to the right of Musgrave Fell 
For full size images whihc open in a new tab click on the small ones below. 
My first attempts from 2011, involving a point and shoot camera, a tripod and a picnic table! The first includes some of the North Eastern Railway style fencing on the site, the second was taken with more zoom in order to highlight the fells a bit more. It came out a bit wayward and made the easterly fells look a lot higher than those to the west, so I have had to straighten it somewhat.
And so to March 2013. The following were taken using a Nikon D40, hand held due to the speed with which the camera could take photos. 
First up is one from 24th March after heavy snowfall. The western sides of the fells are not blurred in this image due to poor technique but due to high winds blowing snow off the tops of the fells.
Six days later there was still snow on the tops but there was little wind and so the image was clearer.
More images to come soon (hopefully)

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